Enjoy the Design and Style of the Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is one of the most popular subcompact cars today because it offers great options to meet the needs of drivers. Whether you're looking for sporty options or an entry-level model, the Fiesta lets you show off your personal style in a car that also offers great value.

We're excited at All Star Ford by the 10 different eye-catching exterior color options Ford offers for the Fiesta. Opt for a classic style or a brilliant choice like Bohai Mint or Lightning Blue, or enjoy one of our eye-catching premium paints for even more excitement. With sporty styling and exciting colors, you can make the Fiesta your own.

The Fiesta also offers a range of wheel sizes, styles and options to give you the ride and the look you desire. Opt for wheels in Sparkly Silver, Ebony Black or Rado Gray for even more excitement.



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