Ford C-Max is the Smart Choice

The Ford C-Max is a smart choice when it comes to hybrid vehicles. The engineers at Ford wanted to make this popular compact hybrid even smarter. Let’s see how they achieved this.

The C-Max features a SmartGuage that includes an Energy Coach, Efficiency Leaves, and an Energy History to help you achieve even greater fuel efficiency. These features help you improve your driving habits so that you can get the most out of your hybrid. The car also comes with a rear backup camera to help you see what is behind you.

With the C-Max, finding a parking space just became easier too. The Park Assist feature will help you search for a space that is just the right size. Once it is found, it will guide you on braking and shifting. It will also take over the steering and help you park perfectly every time. Ford made the C-Max the smart car of choice by offering many more advanced features such as these.



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