The Exhaust and Muffler System

What Are the Muffler and Exhaust?

The exhaust is the pipe that is bolted to the engine block that gathers the burnt fuel and sends it back to the muffler which helps to silence the vehicle. You want your exhaust system in good shape for the proper performance.

Why Is the Exhaust and Muffler Important?

The exhaust and muffler are there on your vehicle to help it run smoother, sound quieter and help the environment by filtering out the majority of the gases that are harmful to the earth's atmosphere.

Possible Symptoms of a Bad Exhaust

?You will know your exhaust needs to be repaired if your car sounds abnormally loud. Other common symptoms are a check engine light for a failed O2 sensor or catalytic converter, poor fuel economy or maybe the exhaust is dragging on the ground.

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