Ford F-150 Raptor Equips You for Adventure

The Ford F-150 Raptor truck is perfect for those driving enthusiasts who crave adventure. This popular off-road pickup truck boasts a host of expertly crafted design features to impress even the most discerning drivers. The Raptor enthusiasts at All Star Ford welcome you into our showroom so that we can demonstrate to you all of the unique features of this venerable pickup truck.

The available Blue Accent Package helps you to take your Raptor to the next level of luxury. This package includes features such as the trendy RECARO front seats and carbon-fiber appliques on the shifter, instrument panel, and door.

The optional Beadlock-Capable Wheels are both stylish and functional. These tires give adventurers the option to reduce the tire air in order to deliver better traction when traversing rock or other rough terrains. Because the tires are clamped to the wheel directly, the tire is at less risk for popping off.



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