The Ford Edge Sport Offers Race Car Inspired Shifting in an SUV

Many people shy away from manual transmissions because they have either never learned to drive a “stick” or have never been comfortable with operating a clutch. The Ford Edge has removed those fears in its manual transmission.

The Ford Edge optional six speed transmission mounts the shifter on the steering column by means of two paddles, just like a Formula One or Indy Car. Shifting is done with the thumbs your hand doesn’t leave the steering wheel.

The additional gears as opposed to a four speed provide extra performance and more control for the driver. It allows you to reach highway speeds more quickly. On slippery roads or snowy conditions, you can downshift manually to slow the Edge with confidence and stability.

Visiting All Star Ford in Pittsburg, CA and test driving a Ford Edge with paddle controlled six speed will take away your fears of shifting and put a little fun into your driving experience.

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